Oust Loose Incense

Black Sun Herbiary's Oust Loose incense banishes the garbage from your life in the forms of malevolent spirits, Gossip, witch attacks and the like. This Loose incense has a Copal and Yerba Santa base, with notable woods and herbs such as Freshly dried Quita Maldicion, Cedar, Chili Pepper, Rue, Sulphur, and Garlic along with several other herbs and powders to escort the bullsh*t right out of your life - permanently. Use with the Oust oil to anoint and bless your candle and ritual works for added "oomf". 

Required: Burn with an open window. Give those energies a way on OUT!

This incense isn't meant to smell nice - it's meant to get to work. 


One .5 oz glass vial of Loose Incense. 


- How to burn -

What you will need:

-- Your incense.
-- Charcoal Discs.
-- A heat resistant bowl, abalone or plate. 
-- A lighter or matches.

1. Light the charcoal and place it on your receptacle of choice. Please exercise fire-safe habits when dealing with lighters, matches, candles, and incense. 

2. Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up. 

3. Add resins - just place a small amount will go along way as resin produces a lot of smoke. 

4. Enjoy through ritual prayer, to set the dwelling for a cleansing bath or simply enjoy the smell. 


Please do not use internally, if you are sensitive to strong smells, have sensitivities when using herbs or oils in any fashion. Keep AWAY from children as this bottle is glass, and it's contents are not edible.

Please be advised that all products are sold as a curio and sales are final.