Eclipse Dressing Oil

Black Sun Herbiary's Eclipse Oil is a dressing to amplify manifestations in the best interest of the wearer/conjurer. It can be used to help focus your mind on your intent as the gotu kola suggests and can be paired with the Focus Incense. Use to dress your candle work, altar tools, and it is safe to be worn as an oil-based perfume. It is perfect to use as an all-purpose oil, to anoint the doors of one's business, home or bedposts to bring about the positive changes you want to see. 


Carrier Oil is a mix of Sunflower and Olive, herbs, and essential oils. Blessed in ritual and arranged to order. This oil is fresh; evocative. 

Oil Notes: Gotu Kola, Lime, Marigold, Irish Moss. This oil is made with an ethically sourced Black Scarab - this is not a vegan oil. 

1 oz. 

Please do not use internally, if you are sensitive to strong smells, have sensitivities when using herbs in any fashion. Keep AWAY from children as this bottle is glass, and it's contents are not edible.

Please be advised that all products are sold as a curio and sales are final.