The purpose

The purpose of Black Sun Herbiary's emergence was ultimately to strive to provide herbal conjure products to the diaspora that uses oils, plants, resins, and woods traditionally used in our practices that are sourced from small farms in the countries we distantly came or come from. This project, apothecary, store, whatever you want to call it is a mission to give back; give back to us, our own stories, and give back to the earth. 
 As a 9th generation Espiritista and Lucumí practitioner, I wanted to give the people products that get down to the nitty gritty. Products you can trust to deliver, and products that have delivered for our people for hundreds of years. If you have seen my tarot and oracle decks, then it is pretty on brand for me to also provide a luxurious packaging experience for each and every one of you by way of gift wrapping EVERY order placed here or at market. You deserve the gold standard.
Black Sun Herbiary proudly announced that the Osun's Honey Collection will have 20% of it's proceeds given to the Honey Bee Conservancy because A) I, Lolu, the herbalist and practitioner behind the brand wanted to give a grand offering to Osun and her children, and also B) give to the bees that keep our plants propagated and thriving -- without them there is nothing. Secondly, Black Sun Herbiary is working towards creating more Offerings aimed at giving to aid in child hunger, as well as the wellbeing of the homeless. Stay tuned!
When you make a purchase at Black Sun Herbiary, you are not only keeping our practices alive, but you are keeping our people alive. 
Alaafia ati ilera,
Lolu of Black Sun Herbiary & AKAMARA Tarot