House No. Five Dressing Oil

Black Sun Herbiary's House No. Five Oil is a dressing all about love - true, calming, growing more beautiful with age, genuine love. To be used to dress your candle work, pulse points, ritual baths, or even the soles of a lover's shoes. This oil has properties to encourage bringing about love that is true, easy-going, a breath of fresh air, and sensually compelling. This is not an oil for forcing or binding and has zero effect on toxic pairings at the request of integrity, it attracts the RIGHT love from the RIGHT person. 

Dress the home's cast iron to ward negative out, and keep love in. Anoint on the bedposts to encourage your significant other to dream of you. Use as a bedtime perfume to instill subconscious self-love. Mix a few drops with powdered Dragon's Blood to use as ink in your love drawing practice. The world is your oyster... if you like oysters that is. 


Carrier Oil in this is a mix of Sunflower Oil & Apricot Kernal Oil, herbs, roots, resins, and essential oils. Blessed in ritual and arranged to order. 

Oil Keynotes: Freshly dried and ground Paraiso and Amanza Guapo, Onycha, Oud, Cornsilk, Lungwort and a long list of others. This oil is complex; compelling.

1 oz. 

Please do not use internally, if you are sensitive to strong smells, have sensitivities when using herbs in any fashion. Keep AWAY from children as this bottle is glass, and it's contents are not edible.

Please be advised that all products are sold as a curio and sales are final.

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Love this oil for self love work