Eclipse Dressing Herbs & Bath

Black Sun Herbiary's Eclipse Dressing herbs and Bath can be used a few ways, one is either as a dressing to your anointed and blessed manifestation work candles, roots, rituals, etc or as a blessed ritual bath in conjunction with the Focus Incense and Eclipse oil. Like the other Eclipse products, this bath is for bringing in the beautiful change you want to see. This has a Jasmine, Abre Camino Plant, Yerba Santa, Bladderwrack, and Buttermilk base, with inclusions of Pennyroyal, Boneset, and Lime, along with essential oils and other herbs.


- Bath Instructions - 

What you will need:

A pot of boiling water - about 2 quarts

Your dressing herbs 

A Strainer, or Towel/Cheesecloth

A Gallon Jug 


1. Set a teaspoon of the herbs aside. Boil the rest of the herbs to release the oils from the herbs. 

2. Allow to cool until warm or lukewarm, and strain into your bowl or jug. This mixture will make about 2 quartz of bath. 

3. Place a cleansed and dressed (you can dress with the teaspoon of herbs you set aside) white candle, tealight or encased white candle within the bath and recite the intention of your use. Consort with your spirits and once the bath is ready according to your spirits, snub the flame, do not blow out the flame.

4. Stand in your tub, shower or out in your backyard (wear a bathing suit in your yard, we don't want you getting arrested out here) and cup the liquid in your hands and begin washing, starting at your feet and moving up to your head, once it is washed, you're welcome to rinse off in your tub, or shower and take the encased candle (if you used one) and place it on your bedside table or altar. 

5. Repeat this bath 3 days in a row, and feel free to anoint yourself with the BSH Original Blessing water and dressing oil.


Please do not use internally, if you are sensitive to strong smells, have sensitivities when using herbs in any fashion. Keep AWAY from children as this bottle is glass, and it's contents are not edible.

Please be advised that all products are sold as a curio and sales are final.