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    20% of the proceeds from the Osun's Honey collection are donated to -The Honey Bee Conservancy- as an offering to the Goddess of Sweet Waters, and as an offering to Humanity. Every person who buys these products will have their name placed on the donation as an offering to her and the creatures who motivate our existence. 

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The Purpose

These products are created with intention and appreciation to help and aid others where they may not have the time or resources to make their own dressings and baths or simply may not know where to start. These items are not the end all be all, as one's practice is deeply personal and completely made by their spiritual court and in some case, godparents* , for their specific purposes and life.  Though, I stand by the immense power of these inherited recipes whole heartedly I implore you to create a system with these as supplements, not as the epicenter of your craft. Asé ire. 

*Godparent(s) is a term used through out many African Traditional Religions to describe a practitioner's teacher, guidance or intiating priest/ess

Yeye O!

Osun's Honey™ Gift Set

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Black Sun Herbiary's Osun's Honey Collection is an offering to Osun, to you and to the planet. Made with premium A-grade oils such as Sun Flower Oil, Moringa Oil, Neem Oil, Black Castor Oil, and natural essential oils such as Cinnamon, and vanilla, and honey. This collection comes with one bath bar with poplar wood soap dish, one massage bar, and one body gloss adorned with a honey stick! 20% of the proceeds go to the Honey Bee Conservancy.

Made with sensitive skin in mind. 


Please do not use internally, if you are sensitive to strong smells, have sensitivities when using herbs or oils in any fashion. Keep AWAY from children as this set contains glass bottles, plastic wrapping and it's contents are not edible.

Please be advised that all products are sold as a curio and sales are final.

Asé Ire

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